Hair Analysis Results

Well if parenting a child with so many allergies wasn't hard enough...... we got some devastating news this afternoon. I am still in shock and am becoming extremely angry......

We got the results from Cohens hair analysis, and not prepared for what we were about to hear. He has shown not only high, but off the reference range in the toxic heavy metals - lead, arsenic, tin, antimony, cadmium and gadolinium.
If he is showing such high levels than chances are our whole family is. I guess it explains a lot of our symptoms lately such as: aching joints and muscles, mood swings, abdominal pain, memory loss, fatigue etc.
I guess I am particularly cranky because we have always been so diligent in avoiding these dangerous chemicals- or so we thought.
All we can put it down to at this stage is the area we live in used to be surrounded by farms. So it could be excess residue from cattle dip or banana plantations. It could also be from the pesticides that the council use to spray the mosquitoes and midges.
First thing we need to do is find the source, then we can begin the journey of eliminating the toxins from his little body.
I am so scared and can't believe this is happening to him, as if he hasn't gone through enough. Where is the justice in the world???