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Hard to believe Christmas is only a matter of weeks away.... Christmas parties, the beach, pool parties, holidays, reconnecting with family and friends.... and of course the reason for the season - to celebrate the birth of Christ!

For the parent of a child with mutiple food allergies the increase in social activity can be frightening. One well meaning offering of food to your allergic child could put your child in severe danger and you visiting the emergency department.... again
Whatever you do and wherever you go this season, help protect your child by sending a clear message.
Star Allergy Alerts provide a modern, colourful range of products to increase the awareness of allergies and other medical conditions.

Send a clear message and help protect your child this season!

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Allergy / Medical Alert Bracelets

Badge & Sticker Packs
Epipen Pouches
Common food allergy alert badges & stickers

NEW Jumbo badges- perfect for hats or pinning on the pram.

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