Children with a wheat food allergy

If your child has a food allergy to wheat there are many alternatives. Whether your child has a food allergy to wheat or is gluten intollerant, a wheatfree diet is advisable and achievable. Even if there is no food allergy, a wheatfree diet is known to improve many peoples health.

Some of the following flours can be used to replace wheat in the same quantities, however with the majority, other factors need to be considered to ensure a satisfactory result. For example gluten free flours will require another agent such as guargum or xantham gum to counteract the gluten content. ( More info to come)

Oat flour
Rice flour
Rye flour
Barley flour
Millet flour
Teff flour
Buckwheat flour
Quinoa flour
Amaranth flour
Kamut flour
Spelt flour
Garbanzo flour
Soy flour