Food Allergies on the rise

The rate of food allergies being diagnosed is on the increase.Statistics reflect that 1 in 20 Australian children have a food allergy.
Particularly concerning is the rise of peanut allergies in preschool children. Cow's milk allergy is one of the most common in early childhood - most children outgrow milk allergy by the start of school.
Aproximately 60% of allergies appear during the first year of life. Any food or food additive can cause an allergic reaction, including fruits, vegetables, meats and dyes.

Children who have family members with allergic conditions(eg. asthma, excema)have a greater risk of developing an allergy:
1 family member increases risk to 20-40%.
2 or more family members, risk is increased to 50-80%.

A food allergy is produced though a combination of susceptibility and exposure.
If you can answer yes to most, or all of the questions below, it is highly likely that your child has a food allergy.

It is important to seek medical advice for diagnosis and testing