Be Organised!

One key that I highly recommend to parents of children with food allergies is being organised. When you are organised, things are easier to handle when (and I do emphasise "when") things go chaotic.

This week has been one of those chaotic times in our household. It started with my daughter getting the flu. Like most sharing children it was quickly passed on to her brother. Of course, I was next. It has been a long week of sleepless days and long days. I was very much looking forward to the weekend when hubby could take over. ... well that's what I thought.

He came home from work with a sore throat and fever. With one sleepless night of fever and chills, I had no option to get out of my pj's, dress the kids and take him to the doctor. Diagnosis was tonsilitis. His tonsils were so inflamed he hasn't slept - over 48 hours now.

So, in a nutshell, this has been a memorable long weekend - and I do mean 'long'. I am nurse maid for my kids and husband. Where is my nurse I wonder?

My point in telling you all this isn't for a sympathy comment or a nomination for mother of the year...although either would be greatly received (haha).  My simple reason for sharing our chaotic week is to advise you to be organised. Sort of like saving for a rainy day.

Whenever I cook an allergy friendly meal - (which is most of the time) I am in the habit of freezing leftovers in small meal sized containers. Label, date them and stick them in the deep freeze. I am so grateful I am in this habit - especially this week.

While my 3 year old enjoyed feasting on allergy friendly pasta carbonara, casserole and satay lamb, the rest of us consumed baked beans, toasted sandwiches or whatever else I could bother to make .

That's all I have time for, I am being called.... too bad I'm not being paid the penalty rates for a public holiday haha.

Buy for now.