The first taste of Ice Cream

I have created another recipe for my up and coming allergy friendly cook book.... ICE CREAM!!!

Dairy free, Soy free, Egg Free and Nut Free and it still tastes good! Cohen was so excited helping me to make it. After numerous attempts, I think this one is a winner - adapted from another recipe, it is good. Creamier than any of the others I have come up with, which have all been icey - more like gelato than ice cream.

The only drawback was waiting for it to freeze. Or I should say, waiting for it to freeze with an over excited 3 year old. I liken it to being on a long car trip......instead of  " are we there yet?"   it was "Is it ready yet ?"

When the ice cream was finally ready, well almost ready - I gave in to his determined nagging. I scooped some into a bowl. All the while being watched by an excited 3 year old -  eyes popping out of his head. His first ever taste of ice cream.

I knew it was good when for the first time all morning there was silence. His first words that followed were     " Oww, my head hurts" .
Oops, forget to warn him about brain freeze. Before I could say the words 'eat it slowly' it was all gone. Plate licked clean and a huge smile.

Wow, my heart leapt once again. His first ice cream!  A treat such as ice cream, most children enjoy without a second thought. For those children with food allergies, however, a different story.

Watching my beautiful 3 year old boy taste his first ice cream is a memory that will stay with me. What a joy!

If you would like this recipe, please email me your details

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