Yum! Another winner!

Another new recipe... Banana Split with chocolate fudge sauce!  Thumbs up from my boy.

Nothing brings me more pleasure than to cook something new and safe that my food allergic boy loves. This one went down a treat.... for the whole family.

Cohen is so tolerant of the things that he is unable to eat. Those of you with a food allergic child would probably agree with me here. I think God gives these children something extra special. When we are in a situation where he is unable to have something other kids are eating - he just accepts it. I feel so sorry for him sometimes, but he knows. He remembers what will happen if he eats the wrong food.

When he gets to eat something so good and allergy friendly - well, the excitement and look on his face. It is worth a million dollars.

If you would like this recipe, please send me your email and I will send it to you.

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