Aldi to bann artificial food colourings

Well Done to Aldi! Motivated by the results of a recent government funded study, Aldi has decided to remove products containing artificial colourings.

The results of the British study "found young children who consumed mixtures of some artificial food colours, including sunset yellow (110), quinoline yellow (104), carmoisine (122), allura red (129), ponceau 4R (124) and tartrazine (102), and the preservative sodium benzoate, had increased levels of hyperactivity."

"The managing director of buying at Aldi, Stefan Kopp, said selling foods that were free of artificial colours was ''the right thing to do''." Amen to that!

He said "Customers were interested in buying healthy foods for themselves and their children". This is an exciting breakthru... the beginning of big companies listening to their consumers needs.

By the way, you and I , the consumers have the power to create change. We can influence what big corporations sell by what we buy at the supermarket. The marketing of these big companies is dictated by the demand. The demand is what you and I want.

We need to give ourselves more credit to the power that lays at our hands. By speaking out and making a stand by not buying the crap they try to sell us, we can influence them, instead of them dictating what we buy. The power is in the purse!

Just think about it, imagine if every parent refused to buy sugary, artificial food (with little to no nutrients) that lines every supermarket shelf.

What would happen if the big food manufacturers were forced to provide healthier choices for their consumers? What would happen to our child obesity problem? Juvenile diabetes? And while I'm at it food allergies and intolerances.

If a big company like Aldi is recognising that negative behaviour patterns such as hyperactivity in children is linked to artificial colourings in our food chain,other companies can be influenced also. So next time your at the supermarket or tempted by a McDonald's drive thru.... THINK! What is really in this 'food' and what will it do to your child's body?

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and, as you probably figured, I am passionate about this subject. We have a huge problem with what our kids are eating and it is up to YOU and ME to bring about change.

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