Quick Pikelets

These are quick and easy and the kids love them! Perfect for school lunches or after school snacks. Best of all, they are safe for kids with multiple food allergies.


1 cup         Buckwheat flour
2 ½ tspn    Baking powder 
2 Tblspns   Sugar 
¾ cup        Rice milk 
1 tspn        Vinegar 
1 Tblspn     Nuttelex 
½ tspn       Vanilla 
Pinch         Salt 


1. Sift together buckwheat flour, salt and baking powder. Add sugar, stir until combined. 
2. Melt Nuttelex. Stir together melted Nuttelex and rice milk. Add to the flour mixture.  
3. Combine vinegar and vanilla. Add to flour mix and stir until combined and smooth. 
4. Heat frypan over medium heat. Melt extra Nuttelex. 
5. Add spoonfuls of batter. Cook until bubbles appear on top. Turn over until brown on the other side. 
6. Serve with jam or honey