Popcorn - another allergy gone

Most kids take popcorn and a movie for granted. It's one of those things that just go together.. like ice cream at the beach on a hot summers day or an easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. For those children with severe food allergies, childhood memories such as these, when they are realised are so much more special.

Last Friday, my beautiful 4 year old boy had his first popcorn. At his preschool, a mini cinema was set up for the screening of the much anticipated 'Hairy McClairy'. The children were given a 'movie ticket' and bag of popcorn. After finding their allocated seat they settled in to watch their movie.

All the kids enjoyed their movie and popcorn. For one child, however, this was total elation. Preschool staff members and myself were privleged with the opportunity to watch the delight of Cohen try his first popcorn (no butter). The smile on his face as he discovered this new taste sensation brought tears of joy to my eyes. 

Then, in the quiet of the movie came a delighted voice "Mum, I'm not reacting! I loooove popcorn" . The joy that filled my heart was almost overwhelming. I literally had to squash my emotions lest I started sobbing aloud.

So tell me, those of you with children lucky enough to be able to eat anything -  Can you remember the first time your child had popcorn at a movie? Will that memory stay with you for the rest of your life as one of the happiest moments? Mine will. Yahoo!!

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