AFC - Allergy Friendly Chicken

Tonights dinner was AFC - Allergy Friendly Chicken..... and it's finger lickin good! Oh and my ingredients aren't a secret.... There is no Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Peanuts, Soy, Corn, TransFats or preservatives. Just wholesome ingredients.

People think that my kids must be so deprived with their food restrictions. Well they don't miss out on much. In fact, after years of doing this I now see how blessed we are. I have been forced to research every scrap of food that goes into my kids mouths. When you really study our current food chain you will be amazed and shocked at what we, as consumers eat. The stuff that really goes into our 'food' and also how it is grown will astound you. So, the closest this family will come to KFC or McDonalds is my AFC - Allergy Friendly Chicken.... and as usual I will post the recipe as soon as I write it.