Banana and Date Muffins

I whipped up these beautiful muffins tonight. They will be perfect for our PreSchool excursion to the zoo tomorrow. They are so easy and quick - love those recipes. These are perfect for the days when you just don't want to be in the kitchen more than you have to.

 As you can see, I overfilled them a bit. I used the Allergy Rider baking cups, which are a great way to help raise awareness of food allergies. They are also great for helping keep our kids safe.
Want the Recipe?  Banana and Date Muffins

Want to know more about Allergy Riders? They are a fantastic idea. They are a fun, simple and practical food labelling system., created by an Aussie mum of an allergic child.

Baking Cups and Food Flags

They come in a range of varieties to suit. Great to stock up on for the coming holiday season.
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