Pumpkin & Bacon Gnocchi

Tonights creation started with a packet of Gluten Free Allergy friendly Gnocchi that I recently discovered on a shopping trip. Love that all these products are coming onto the market - makes life a bit easier for allergy mums.

So quick and easy. Cooked off some leek, garlic and bacon in a non stick pan. Added some fresh asparagus. (Love that it is so cheap now. ) . Added about 1 teaspoon of Dijon and wholegrain mustard. Then poured in a tin of coconut milk (lite). Once bubbling, I turned it down and covered it. Meanwhile, I cooked the gnocchi according to directions. Once that is cooked, drain and add to frypan. The last thing I did was added some prebaked pumpkin. Toss and serve. Kids loved it, so did I.

This is the new pasta I discovered recently.

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