Allergy Friendly Easter

It's here!
 .... "Allergy Friendly Easter" ...
Recipe EBook free from gluten and all top 8 food allergens

After sick kids, sick mummy, computer problems, solo parenting and more sick kids - It is finished ". While I can't relate literally to Jesus's words, as I didn't sweat blood. But I have put a lot of time, effort and love into this eBook.

All the recipes are gluten free. They are also free from the Top 8 food allergies. So your virtually getting at least 5 allergy recipe books in one.
         * plus free from soy, fish and shellfish.

I've had a look online and you can pay upto $15 for a gluten free ebook itself. So, be assured of the value for money. I want to make it affordable for everyone, as I know first hand how expensive having food allergies is.

For the month of march it will be on sale for  only $5

It is worth so much more, I'm sure you will agree.
So get in quick, before you forget because the price will rise from the 1st April.

It can be purchased here

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