Cohen has "lots and lots" of food allergies

After watching Holly's story on A Current Affair last night, (little 3 year old battling eczema), our family was moved to tears. It brought it all back home again.

The whole reason Allergysave exists is to pass on what we have learnt in the hope that we can help families battling the same thing. It wasn't too long ago that Cohen was a baby covered in eczema too. A distressed baby covered from head to toe with weeping bleeding itchy skin. A very dark and lonely time for baby and mum.
My beautiful boy is now 5 years old and has perfect skin. He is a living example that there is hope. His eczema was food related (not that I could convince any GP's or dermatologists at the time) . After diligent avoidance of all his allergens, he is healthy and gogeous. He has many food allergies and is anaphylactic to a few. But he isn't in constant distress anymore.

Cohen insisted we make a video to tell people about to try and help and give hope to other families who may be in this nightmare.

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