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DariFree.. A nutritious milk substitute for those with dairy allergy/intolerance , PKU or those just wanting to replace dairy.
Available in Original or Chocolate flavour
Have you discovered DariFree yet? 
Just 2 serves daily and I can be ensured my son is getting
all his daily calcium requirements. 
Use ...in milkshakes, smoothies, desserts, baking.
Some of the ways we use DariFree are:

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 You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to ways to use DariFree...
I honestly am so glad I found this product as I can be ensured that my boy
is getting all his calcium requirements daily, which is
one less stress I have regarding his diet.

Chocolate Tart, Salted Caramel Fudge,Creme Caramel and Choc Banoffee Tart
are some of the favourites in our household - all free from the Top 8
 - No wheat, dairy, eggs, soy etc -

You will find some of the recipes on my website www.allergysave.com

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