Our kids raise the awareness

I was approached at school this morning by a fellow kindy mum I hadn't actually met before. She introduced herself and told me she has heard all about Cohen. She told me that when she makes her daughters lunch it is constantly scrutinised.

This morning, she wasn't allowed to pack her daughter cookies for fear that they may affect Cohen.
When told they would be okay, her daughter says " Mum, I'm not taking them because I may breathe on him and I don't want him to get sick"

I have to tell you how thrilled I was, it literally brought tears to my eyes.

The message is getting through. Not only that, there are far many more people like this that would happily go without than risk putting another child at risk. This really warmed my heart this morning.

What a stark contrast to the attitude of another kindy mum ( a supposed friend) that brought such turmoil to the beginning of our kindergarten year because she refused to follow the 'no nut' policy and was going to pack nuts for her child. People are like chalk and cheese. You never really know what to expect or where support will come from.

Tomorrow I will personally be thanking our wonderful kindy teacher for the effort she is putting in to educating the children. I am very blessed and grateful.

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