Recycled chunky bits may still be allergenic

We had something happen today that I hadn't foreseen for it to be covered in our risk assesment for Cohens schooling. Something to think about if you have an anaphylactic child.

I received a phonecall from the school today telling me that a child in Cohen's class had been sick. Cohens school bag had been vomited on. Yep, of all bags had to be his.. thanks Murphys Law. His teacher was concerned that the vomit may contain some food that Cohen was allergic to.
Considering his allergies, it was more than likely. I am so grateful that I have been blessed with his teacher. She is somewhat amazing.

I asked them to isolate his bag. When I arrived at the school they had cleaned it and placed it in a garbage bag for me, which was promptly tossed into the nearest dumpster. He now has a new school bag. I guess its time to update our risk assessment as we didn't cover vomit.

The reason I share this lovely story with you is to point out another scenario where our anaphylactic children may find themselves at risk. I was told by our allergist at the very beginning of our journey that the accidents happen during the unordinary times... I'm guessing vomit over a school bag is somewhat unordinary... hope so.

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