Cohen's 6th birthday!

We celebrated Cohen's brithday this week. A big 6 year old now. You know when they are getting older when every comment upon opening his presents varies from "sick" to "awesome" then back to "sick". The hot wheels wall track was the big winner this year.... and so was his birthday cake!

They get better every year. When I remember his first cake, made from golden syrup, rice flour and water (yuck!), we have well and truly evolved. This years allergy friendly cake was the best ever.

Of course, that stolen icing from underneath the cake rack is the best. Busted!

I had to keep telling him to slow down... he simply inhaled it.

Happy Birthday beautiful Cohen!  Chocolate Chia Cake.

Now that I've perfected the actual cake (gluten free, wheat free, peanut free, treenut free, egg free, dairy free and soyfree), I need to get my creative juices flowing and come up with a spiderman themed cake for his party on Saturday. Does it ever end? I'll post my results... hopefully something will come to mind by then. Cheers xxx

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