Dangerous reward

Yesterday, Cohen, my 6 year old came from school with a 'prize' given to him for being good in class by his relief kindy teacher. The 'prize' was a bag of uallergy un-friendly lollies.No ingredients listed. Not happy! 
The pack was unopened (thank God). He told me " I didn't eat them mum because I didn't know what was in them and I didn't want to die." The flood of emotions swept me......I was mortified to hear him say that, relieved that he didn't open the pack and eat the contents,so extremely proud of my son for showing such self control and wisdom at 6 years old, and anger towards the teacher for putting him at risk.
His regular teacher is on long service leave and would never have allowed this to happen. I know we covered this in the risk assesment that was put together at the beginning of the year. I feel sorry for the teacher as she seems like a lovely person and I know she is upset. However, she put my child at risk.
The principal is away this week, so I saw the deputy, who was really good. She understands the seriousness as she helped to set up all the intial risk assesment meetings (which were to help avoid any mistakes like this) last year before he started school.
I kept Cohen home with me today as didn't feel comfortable sending him to school. I'll talk with the teacher tomorrow as I'm too angry today. I understand it was a lapse of thinking, however it's those lapses of thinking that have resulted in fatalities in other children. I don't want my son being a statistic.
I don't understand or agree with giving lollies as a reward anyway. As for Cohen, what an amazing child! I can't express how proud of him I am. I am spoiling him just abit today.
I will be following this right through so that it doesn't happen again. Ultimately it his health and responsibility, however, at 6 years old the duty of care lays at the teacher.
I just thank God that he is such an amazing little boy. I strongly urge anyone who has a child with severe allergies, to educate your child. It is never too young to start, I have explained everything about his health to Cohen right from a baby. He has somehow just understood and taken it in his stride. He amazes me with his level of maturity and responsibility when it comnes to food....not so much when he runs around the supermarket like a maniac......

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