Food allergy diets stunts growth - apparently!

According to some latest research, kids with food allergies have stunted growth because of their dietary restrictions. While I was unable to read this whole article on one screen, due to an annoying pop up that I coudn't delete, the general feel from the article was that allergic children are under weight and under nourished due to their restrictive diet.

"Diets that are restricted because of food allergies may impair growth in affected children, and the more allergies, the greater the affect... "

"In addition, children who had greater numbers of food allergies had significantly lower weight and height than those with only one or two allergies"

While I'm sure this may be the reality in some situations, it certainly isn't true for my children. My son had life threatening allergies to over 15 different common foods that we have avoided for years. Currently, it is down to the the Top 8. I can assure you he is healthy and of sound weight and height for his age. He is well nourished and doesn't miss out on any nutrients.

In theory, I can understand articles like this, however in my experience, parents of children with severe multiple allergies are obsessed with ensuring their child has all necessary nutrients. When diagnosed and sometimes along the whole journey a parent- usually the mum, will work closely alongside a nutritionalist or dietician to ensure the child is receiving all RDI of required vitamins and  minerals. Somehow, I think God knew what He was doing when he gave these kids to their parents.

We are the parents who are constantly studying and looking for alternatives. We are usually the parents who feed their kids the healthiest food. Why? Because its basic natural food without the artificial rubbish that has been allowed into our food chain. I would be more concerend with kids who are living on processed foods as it would appear that they would be the ones who are malnourished.

Your thoughts?