Valentine's Day Ideas

With Valentines Day tomorrow, I've been asked for some romantic sweet 'allergy friendly' ideas. Here's a few of my recipes that are bound to please. 
Please Note: All the recipes are FREE FROM - Gluten, Peanuts, Treenuts, Dairy, Eggs, Soy.

Waffle Hearts
Start the day with your loved one with these delicious allergy friendly waffles! 
 Recipe in Allergy Friendly Home Cooking

Vanilla Cupcakes
Quick and easy cupcakes. Make a Chocolate Ganache by melting allowable chocolate ( I used Enjoy Life Choc Chips) and adding some coconut cream. Alternatively, if you aren't a chocolate fan, ice with Vanilla Icing and decorate with strawberries 

 Recipe in Allergy Friendly Home Cooking

Choc Chia Mini Mudcakes
A sure winner! This is one of my most popular and sought after recipes from people with and without allergies. You will LOVE it!!

 Recipe in Allergy Friendly Home Cooking

Chocolate Mousse
Another winner! I like to add Baileys or Kahlua for a real splurge!! (Be aware of the gluten in alcoholic beverages though)
Recipe in Allergy Friendly Home Cooking

Chocolate Ginger Tartlets
I made these this afternoon, so there isn't a recipe yet. They are easy and really yummy!  Check out how I made them below....
This is how I made them.....
You will need -
1 Packet Leda Ginger Biscuits
Eskal -Free Nut Butter ( Crunchy) - Made with Sunflower seeds
Enjoy Life Choc Chips
Coconut Cream
I placed the biscuits over a small muffin tray, one biscuit over each hole. Heated them in the oven at 180C  for about 4 minutes. Took them out and carefully indented them with a spoon.
Place a knob of Free nut butter onto each. Fill with melted chocolate and coconut cream.

Sunny Bites
A favourite, these are a real favourite in our house. Perfect for snacks and school lunches.
Recipe Here -

I hope you love these recipes. You would never know they didn't contain nuts, gluten eggs, dairy or soy. I always love to hear your feedback.
Having food allergies no longer means missing out!


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