Easter Solutions for your Allergic Child (Part 2)

Allergy Friendly Chocolates

Seems like the bigger companies are starting to wake up and cater for people with food allergies and intolerances. Here are a few allergy friendly brands I have come across. I'm sure there are plenty more. If you have some to add, please make a comment below so I can add them.

Sweet William
Bon Vita
Lindt Dark (dairy free)
Enjoy life- Choc chunks and choc chips
Carob may be an option for you

Make your own Chocolate
Making your own chocolate may be an option. It's not difficult and certainly healthier.
In the early years, when my boy was just allergic to everything, there was no chocolate on the market that he could eat. So I made his Easter chocolates myself. I used to buy a cane basket and fill it with goodies including my handmade chocolates and some toys, stickers etc. I made it look really beautiful - lots of coloured paper and a special card explaining that the chocolates were made especially by the Easter bunny in a special allergy friendly room. He loved it!! And so did I! I got a real sense of achievement knowing he wasn't missing out. The smile and giggle on his face when he saw his Easter basket made me really emotional and I found out recently that my hubby has kept one of the little tags I made and carries it around in his wallet.
A special memory that will last with us always!!
Here are some ingredients you will need to make your own chocolate.
Click Here for more information and read about the amazing health benefits of these products
Make Chocolate Not War
Make Chocolate Not War Deluxe
Allergy Friendly Easter Recipes
You'll find some chocolate and non chocolate ideas in Allergy Friendly Easter eBook. With over 20 delicious Easter recipes you will love. Each recipe is Free From Peanuts, Treenuts, Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Soy, Fish , Shellfish and Gluten.


 More Information
 Non Chocolate Treats

 Of course you don't have to have chocolate at Easter. Why not enjoy some other treats like
Marshmallows. jelly beans, snakes, gummy lollies, lollipops (Artisse, Yummy Earth). Just check out the ingredients to ensure they are safe for your child. I would avoid any of the cheap candy that has been made in certain countries such as China.
You'll also find some recipes for non-chocolate treats in Allergy Friendly Easter Recipes


Easter crafts and activities

There are heaps of ideas for Easter crafts and activities over the internet and in magazines...Here are a few I've come across.... I'll try to post some more ideas if time permits..

Wooden easter eggs. Kids can paint and decorate them.  Find them at variety stores or online
 - http://www.blankgoods.com.au/inspiration/easter-ideas/

Plastic Easter eggs - fill with safe treats, stickers, coins, tattoos, small toys, etc Great for Easter Egg Hunt. Find at Linraft, Spotlight, Discount Variety Stores
Printable Bunny Tail Bag Hopper - The Organised Housewife
 Hope this post has helped. Please be sure to comment your thoughts. Be very careful about any of the lollies and candy from overseas countries, especially Asian countries. Play it safe and stick with what you know. Easter is a time for fellowship and celebration. A time to catch up with family and friends. The last thing you want to do is spend Easter in the Emergency Department because you took a risk.

Would love to know your ideas

Sonya x