Easter Solutions for your food allergic child (Part1)

With Easter almost upon us again, many of you are concerned about allergy free chocolate and alternative options for your child with multiple food allergies.
There are many options regardless of what your child is allergic to. My son, Cohen was diagnosed with severe food allergies to peanuts, treenuts, wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, rice, corn, oats, chicken, fish, lupin, fish, shellfish, peaches etc. Despite this, he has never missed out on anything. Every year he has had a birthday cake. Every year the 'Easter Bunny' has delivered special 'Cohen friendly' allergy free easter chocolates or treats for him. Some more successful than others, I will admit, but I was determined that he wouldn't miss out.

The positive spin on so many food allergies these days, is that there are so many more allergy friendly options. Chances are there is someone who has already walked the path before you that can help in your journey. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some allergy friendly recipes, products and resources with you that will hopefully help to make it easier to celebrate Easter.

Gluten free and Allergy Friendly Stores -
Here are a few allergy and gluten free stores that I have come across. You can buy online or pop in and see them. Be sure to let them know that Allergysave said Hi!

Seth's Allergy Store 

Seth's Allergy Store is the Allergy and Specialised Diet shop in the Daisy Hill Shopping Centre in Brisbane's Southside. You will find Sweet William easter bunnies and a range of allergy friendly choccies.

They also stock an excellent selection of packaged, refrigerated and frozen food and drinks, together with natural toiletries and household cleaning products suitable for customers with allergies and for those who prefer to use natural products. They accommodate a variety of restrictive diets including, but not exclusive to: food allergies and intolerances; diabetes; autism, and; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If they haven't got what you need, let them know as they will do their utmost to get it for you. At Seth's Allergy Store - no one is left out!
Pop in to their shop in Brisbane. 

Upstairs (above Christopher's Fine Foods)
Corner Daisy Hill Rd & Allamanda Drive,
Daisy Hill, Qld, 4127
(07) 31 333 745
 They are also more than happy to post products to you. 
Contact them on their Facebook Page.

Click Here for more information

Jo's Gluten Free Pantry 

Jo’s Gluten Free Pantry provides a large range of gluten free foods making shopping for the gluten intolerant families easy and simple. Jo’s Gluten Free Pantry is specifically designed for those who are after a varied assortment of tasty gluten free, and other allergen free foods. gluten free shop in St Ives. 

Opening Hours- Mon - Sat 9-5 and also on Sundays. 
They are also more than willing to post out orders. 
Contact them on their Facebook Page
2 Durham Avenue, St Ives , 
Phone - (02) 9488 8395
Click Here for more information

Allergy Friendly Foods

Allergy friendly Foods is an online store who specialise in safe and delicious foods for specialty diets. Whether you are coeliac, following dietary intervention for Autism or ADD, have food allergies or intolerances, are Vegan or Kosher, you will find something there for you!
All the products they provide are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, tree nut free, egg free, fish free, shellfish free and more!
Click Here for more information

Allergy Train

Allergytrain is an online store. They stock a wide range of products for people with multiple allergies and/ or chemical intolerances. 
Click Here for more information

Gluten Free Shop

Sunnybrook health Store have a range of allergy friendly products including chocolate eggs, easter hot cross buns and alternative to chocolate eggs why not try their ginger bread bunnies
 Click Here for more information

Allergy Tots

Allergy tots are an onlines store providiong a variety of products suitable for people with multuiple food allergies.
 Click Here for more information

Choices Gluten Free

Choices Gluten Free provide a range of gluten free allergy friendly Easter specialties including hot cross Buns and allergy friendly shortbrread bunnies. You'll find them at various locations in the Sydney metro and Adelaide. They also do online orders. 
Click here for more information

Absolutely Gluten Free

Absolutely gluten free stock a range of gluten free allergy friendly products for easter. They are located at Werribee. You can also purchase online
Click Here for more information

7th Heaven Wholefoods

7th Heaven Wholefoods stock a huge range of helathy produce including gluten free and allergy friendly. They are located at Randwick. You can also purchase online.
Click Here for more information

Biomed Cafe

Biomed cafe have some dairy free choclate. they also stock sweet easter alternatives. 
Click Here for more information

Happy Tummies

Click Here for more information

Vegan Online

Click Here for more information

Hope this helps. Please let me know of any other stores that I can add by commenting below. Stay tuned as I will be posting some yummy easter recipes and also some alternatives to chocolate.

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