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Raising a family with various dietary restrictions usually means you spend a lot of time in the kitchen - like it or not. Chances are you also make your own biscuits, cakes, muffins and breads. The frustrating part of this is keeping your baking cupboard in some sort of order. Better said than done you say? Well not anymore!

I have the absolute pleasure of introducing a young Aussie mum who has come up with a product to help solve this very problem. It is truly a brilliant product. I have a red one in my kitchen and I love it!!! Todays guest post is from Elizabeth from cake snake....

" Opportunities are perplexing things. They can come from the strangest place at the most unexpected time. This has certainly been my experience.

 At the beginning of 2012, I was entering my 6th year as a stay-at-home mum. I had had 3 children in 3½ years and although I love them deeply, I was starting to get itchy feet being at home. I was ready to work again, so I started to look for a job. But this was no easy task, as many working parents know. A job would need to fit around my then 5, 3 and 2 year olds. If I was out working, I would need to arrange day care, extra preschool and before and after school programs for the children and these don’t come cheap! So the job needed to be part-time, close to home and highly paid. Hard to find? More like flipping impossible.

At this time, something else happened. A friend popped over and we started talking about kitchen cupboards. I moaned to her about the state of my bakeware cupboard, which was simply a mess.  None of the muffin tins, cookie sheets, roasting pans, slice tray etc stacked or nested nicely. I complained how every time I tried to get one of them, they all crashed about. Now I know this might seem like the most boring, domesticated, uneventful conversation possible but wait…it led to an interesting conclusion. My friend said I should ask my husband, Stephen to make me some sort of rack to hold all the bakeware in. She knew that Stephen, as a product designer, was pretty darn handy when it came to nifty inventions. So I did. Weeks later, he appeared with a bit of aluminum tube, bent in such a way that it resembled an old-fashioned toast rack. I hesitantly placed it in my cupboard and it worked brilliantly! I slotted my bakeware into it; amazed at how it meant that I could now see everything clearly and access each item with ease. I loved it and called it the Cakesnake.


I showed it to everyone who came to our house and they loved it too. So much so, that people started asking for one.  My mind started to buzz…could this possibly be something we could manufacture and sell? I trawled the Internet, discovering that there was nothing like it on the market. Stephen and I toyed with the idea of producing them and what that would involve. I grew excited! This could be my work, as Stephen was flat out running his own business from home.


Within 3 months, I had created a basic website and Stephen made a machine on which the Cakesnakes could be made. We found a factory that could paint them and I started to explore ways of marketing them, at very little cost. It was thrilling, as I seized a fresh challenge. It also worked around my children, as I worked during the evenings.


I now sell Cakesnakes through my website and four retailers have picked it up. I truly think that every kitchen would benefit from a Cakesnake and this energizes me to keep getting the word out there. We are looking to add more products to our range this year (our own designs.) The potential is huge.

So remember, you never know when an opportunity will rear its head. It can come from the most unlikely of places. Just don’t let it pass you by. "

Cakesnakes come in red or white. As I said already I just love mine! Every kitchen should have one of these, especially those of us who cook so much. They also make a fantastic and unique gift also.

You can purchase your own cake snake for $39.70 through my online store. The small commission I make helps to keep Allergysave going.

More Information or to purchase - One Stop Allergy Shop


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