I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook

Sugar is something many people are avoiding these days, for many reasons. I'm currently on a strict diet at the moment, which includes avoiding sugar, plus many other things. Due to health reasons Sara Wilson has been avoiding sugar also. You've probably heard of Sarah and her other books.

Her latest ebook is all about Chocolate! 

 It's packed with 74 cakes, truffles, barks, cheesecakes and fudges. This will be worth its weight in gold to many of you ( including me)! Nobody should have to go without chocolate!
I've just bought it myself and it looks awesome, can't wait to get stuck into some of these recipes... my mouth is watering looking at them.
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About Chocolate...
To ensure you are receiving the nutritional benefits of real chocolate you need to make your own. This is easier than you think, those of you who made your chocolate at Easter will attest to this.
Yes! You can eat chocolate when you avoid sugar!

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This downloadable Cookbook includes:

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