Allerchic! Your online store for eczema

I'd like to share with you a fabulous online store called Allerchic!
After becoming frustrated by not being able to find suitable allergy and eczema products,
Stephanie decided to set up her own online store. Catering to those suffering from eczema, also caters for people with asthma and allergies.
You'll find a huge range of products from allergy awareness products, books, personal care products, suncare, laundry products, wet dressing materials and so much more.  

Some of the brands that Allerchic supply include: Natural Instincts, Alpha Keri, Star Allergy Alerts, Allerbling, Tubifast, Eco Laundry products, Avent and Billie Goat Soap. If you want to give a gift to someone who has eczema or allergies, you can even buy a gift card!

If have ever experienced eczema you will understand how uncomfortable some fabrics can be. We are encouraged to wear natural fibres. Bamboo clothing is amazing for eczema sufferers. With summer coming, bamboo makes a great fabric for our Aussie climate. If you are interested in becoming a Bamboo for Eczema Ambassador please email Steph at:

Please watch this 3 minute Video. If you are able, could you please make a pledge to help Allerchic provide bamboo clothing to Aussies.



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