Easy Peasy Pancakes

Pancakes are such a delicious start to the day and loved by many. However, they usually contain    wheat, eggs and milk which are a no no for my little man and many other people. There are a lot of delicious allergy friendly pancake recipes around, which are great - if you have the time to resource the different ingredients and spend the extra time in the kitchen. If you're like me though, especially on Christmas morning, you want to feed the hungry troops quickly, so you can get on the with day.
Christmas is about spending quality time with your loved ones. If you have children, they don't stay young for long so I especially don't want to miss out on special memories that are being created while I'm in the kitchen cooking.
If you are wanting a quick, easy and no fuss recipe with ingredients you probably have in your cupboard - this is perfect for you.



1 Cup Gluten Free Self Raising Flour
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
1 Tablespoon Golden Syrup
1 Cup Rice Milk


Into a mixing bowl, sift together Gluten free SR Flour and the baking powder.
Add rice milk and golden syrup to the flour. Whisk until mixture is smooth.
Let batter sit for a few minutes until bubbles form on the top.
Pour into preheated non stick frypan. Turn over when bubbles appear on the surface.
Cook for a few moments on the other side.
Serve with whatever takes your fancy!
If you are planning to make these on Christmas morning, I recommend doing a test batch before the day. Some brands of gluten free flour may leave a slight bicarb taste - if so, use a different brand or else adjust the amount of baking powder.
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