Allergy Friendly Lunch Box ideas

Making a healthy and interesting school lunch box every can be challenging for any mum. When your child has multiple food allergies, that challenge can become quite overwhelming. Here's a few ideas that will help ...

Most school lunches consist of sandwiches of some sought. If you have a child who is gluten free or allergic to wheat, a normal sandwich isn't an option. There are plenty of alternatives though ....


Store bought - Depending on your allergies, some of the brands that may be bought at the supermarket or health food store include....
Country life
Black Ruby Gluten Free ( shop in Mornington Victoria )
Deeks - For more information and stores - Click Here
Ancient Grains

*Beware of preservatives commonly found in store bought breads in particular E280-E283  (Propionates)    More Info - Click Here
They are basically used in bread to stop it going mouldy, so manufacturers can place the bread directly into the plastic bags without having to wait for the bread to cool.
Propionates can cause many health complaints including irritability, asthma, migraine, fatigue, learning difficulties, aggression, headaches, gastric irritation.

Do you really want to send your child to school with sandwiches containing these additives?
If you don't have a copy of The Chemical Maze , I highly recommend you get yourself one. There are many versions available. It is essential to know what is in your food and cosmetics.

The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion: Your Guide to Food Additives and Cosmetic Ingredients

The Chemical Maze Bookshelf Companion: 

Packet Mixes
Springhill Farm -  The Real Bread Mix
Freedom Foods

Make your own allergy friendly/gluten free bread -

10 Grain Free Bread Recipes - These may not be applicable but you might find something that suits

The very clever and inspiring Jo from Quirky Cooking has some great ideas and recipes. She uses a Thermomix, however majority of recipes will work just as well in a food processor
Spelt Tortillas Recipe  - Jo Whitten, Quirky Cooking

* Spelt is an ancient form of wheat. Spelt IS NOT GLUTEN FREE, however many people who are sensitive to wheat can tolerate spelt. Of course check with your allergist first.

Making Spelt Tortilla's Video - Jo Whitten, Quirky Cooking

Corn tortillas - made with masa harina (corn that is soaked in lime then dried and ground - masa is available at some IGA's and most health food shops, and the recipe is generally on the side of the pack. )

Chickpea (besan flour) and potato starch wrapsClick Here

Tip - Gluten free wraps dry out quickly so it's best to just make a few each day. You'll get quick at them the more you make them, it's really easy.

Check out more of Jo's recipes on her website - Click Here

Sandwich/Wrap Fillings -
Chicken - Cook or poach your own
     Lemon Garlic Chicken -Recipe - Click Here
Ham - ham off the bone, always check ingredients, often contain milk, soy etc.
Corned Beef - Always best to cook your own.
     Easiest Corned Beef with Golden Sauce - Recipe in Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook
Sausages - always check ingredients
Homemade meat patties
     Swedish Meatballs - Recipe in  Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook
Vegetable Patties - lentil, chickpea
Egg - if allowable
Spreads - Sunflower paste, Jam, homemade no nut chocolate paste

Sang Choy Bow - Recipe in  Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook
Sushi - Quinoa or rice with thinly sliced veg and chicken

Spring rolls- a favourite in our house - fill with whatever you like -ham, chicken, corned beef, avocado, lettuce, spinach, kale, bean shoots, zucchini, carrot, left overs, rice, vermicelli, noodles etc

California rolls
Zucchini Slice -

 For Recipe Click Here
Homemade Chicken nuggets -
- AFC (Allergy Friendly Chicken) - Recipe in Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook
Veggie balls
Pasta salad
vegie salad
mini quiche
rice cakes
Beef & Bean Nachos - Recipe in  Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook
Leftovers - pasta, Fried Rice,
     Apricot Chicken, Vegetarian Lasagne, Lemon Chicken Alfredo
     (Recipes in Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook)
Add some extra goodness to your children's lunchbox with some of the wonderful range of Superfoods for Kidz products ...

Value Packs



Grain Free Lunchbox ideas - If you are looking for some grain free options, Kersten has a great eBook for you......
More information - Click Here  

Keeley McGuire has some great lunchbox ideas ....

More information - Click Here

More Information - Click Here

You may also like to check out  the very inspiring Natural New Age Mum - not only has she got a fantastic name but Sonia has many great options for healthy lunchboxes, while not necessarily allergy free but I'm sure you will find something appropriate. To check out her blog -  Click Here

Drinks - water , chocolate milk ( DariFree or Cacao, rice milk, sweetener - raw honey, maple syrup, coconut nectar etc.) freeze, freshly squeezed fruit & vegetable juice, coconut water

Hope these ideas have helped. This will be an ongoing blog post. I will be continually adding to it . Please share your ideas also. I am more than happy to share your recipes, blog posts, recipe eBooks, cookbooks etc. Thanks for reading

Sonya x

Some eBooks which may give you further inspiration....

Easy Allergy Free Christmas eBook
Gluten and Top 8 Free recipes for the whole year around.
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