Awareness basics to help keep your child safe (Pt 2)

The best way to avoid an allergy emergency is through Awareness!

It's so daunting having your child starting school, preschool or daycare when they have serious life threatening food allergies or asthma. In my previous post I listed some great resources such as wristbands, bracelets, medical alerts, Allerbling, tattoos that will help to bring some awareness to your child's allergy when they are too young or shy to speak up for themselves. Here are some more....

Kids TShirts
One Stop Allergy Shop  (50% off while stocks last)  only $12.70
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Allergysave T-shirts  Click Here
Star Allergy Alerts  - For more styles and to purchase  Click Here
More T Shirts....
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Allergysave Hats
Other colours available Click Here
Badges, Buttons and Stickers
For more information and to purchase
One Stop Allergy Shop (50% off - limited stock) only $9.95
Badge and Sticker pack Click Here
Allergysave Buttons - multiple sizes Click Here
Badge and Sticker packs (many varieties available)
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Key rings
More varieties Click Here
Business Cards
* I always keep a few business cards with my details on them in all epipen cases, anaphylaxis action plan and in my child's school bag. His teacher also has one taped to her desk always in view.
It's reassuring that my details are easily accessed in the case of emergency, the ones below cost a few cents. You could also order higher volume from Vistaprint cheaply.
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 Drink bottles, Sippy cups and flasks

More varieties and style Click Here

 Personalise your own .......
Personalise your child's drink bottle with a photo, image and text 
 More information Click Here
 Lunch Boxes and Bags
Lunchbots - these are proving really popular, especially if you are wanting to eliminate plastic cling wrap which can leach toxic chemicals into your child's food.
More information and TO PURCHASE -  Click Here
Coffee Cups, Travel mugs
 Minimise risk of potential cross contamination anyone else using your coffee cup at work
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Lunch bags
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Bags and Totes
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Are you creative???
of allergy awareness goodies - Click Here....
More allergy awareness products here- including bracelets, wristbands, Allerbling charm bracelets, tattoos, epipen cases, asthma inhaler cases,
Allergy awareness products to help keep your child safe (Part 1)
More BACK TO SCHOOL   - Click Here
 Hope this has helped in your search for allergy awareness products. If you design your own why not send me a photo so I can share with other readers. Stay safe
Sonya x
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