Blog Wrap Up for 2013

Thought I'd do a quick wrap up of some of what was covered last year on the blog....

At the beginning of a new year most of us reflect on the year that was and we set goals for the coming year. It's a time to declutter and detox all the rubbish out of our lives and get rid of whatever isn't serving our greater good. A time to reflect on what was, learn from it and dream about and welcome what will and can be. 

So upon reflecting the past year, I realise that for me on a personal level, it has been huge. I had some huge challenges, to overcome and with the support of my family and with the strength from my God, I have experienced some amazing breakthroughs in areas that were far too big to face on my own. I have learnt a lot about myself and others and have developed a new appreciation and priority for my own health and happiness. I have also realised how having a special needs child affects the whole family, however how subtle. While I didn't blog about my experiences and lessons learnt nearly enough, this year I plan to dedicate more time in sharing and hopefully helping others with my insights.

I was thrilled to share my latest and best recipe eBook with you for Christmas - and throughout the year. Easy Allergy Free Christmas eBook. I am so proud of myself for creating the whole thing from start to finish by myself.  If you don't have it yet, it is still available here. You will find the recipes suitable for the entire year, not just Christmas. All the recipes are Gluten free and Free from the Top 8 using simple, easy to find ingredients.

Here's a few freebie recipes from the book you might like to try...

Easy Peasy Pancakes Recipe
White Christmas Balls Recipe
Caramelised pear and Rocket Salad Recipe

I also shared some tips to help keep you safe over Christmas despite having food allergies ...
 15 tips to a safe and stress free Christmas

As a mum of a child with so many food allergies, I learnt how important it is to take care of my own health. After all, It's generally us mums who hold it all together. Since my son's diagnosis, I guess like many of us, I've been in survival mode. I have been neglecting myself and my own needs for so long, my body has been screaming at me. Last year, I finally listened. This year, I am vowing to be more healthy and look after myself more.

Perhaps my biggest battle last year has been my health Healing eczema- my personal journey. With the help of Janelle, Eczema sufferers- Janelle's story -you need to read this! I have learnt about a condition called Red Skin Syndrome or Topical Steroid Addiction (TSA) which I had no idea about previously. With the new information and after my own research and working with a wonderful naturopath and kinesiologist I have finally got an understanding of what was happening in my body and why nothing I was doing was helping. I was in such a dark place which I never want to revisit.

This year, I will be posting more about my experience and what I have learnt. There are so many people who are suffering and if my experience can help someone else then all the better. Some other posts regarding eczema - Identify your eczema triggers ,  Behind the eczema is a real person with real feelings   and Health benefits of coconut oil for eczema sufferers

I've shared some great recipes with you including ...

Vegetable and Lentil Soup - Recipe

Easy Sweet Chicken Curry Recipe

Banana and Date Muffins Recipe

Apricot Balls - recipe

Jam Drops recipe

I've also been lucky enough to share a few other bloggers with you including....

Guest Blog - Janelle from Nellbe Gluten Free

Guest Blog - The beautiful Collette from Cut out the Crap,

Cut Out The Crap with Style

Cut Out The Crap with Style

Cut Out the Crap for Kids: Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Preservative Free Cooking

Cut Out the Crap for Kids: Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Preservative Free Cooking

Cut Out the Crap: Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Preservative Free Cooking

Cut Out the Crap: Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Preservative Free Cooking

Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar - Chocolate eBook


More Info


 More Info
Having a child with multiple food allergies can be very daunting - as I'm learning. There are so many issues to deal with including letting go of some control and allowing them some independence such as enjoying time with friends. It's such a hard thing to do, but essential to enable your child to live a normal life. Something new for us was my boy's first ever sleep over at a friends house. You can read about it here - 1st Sleepover- I survived!

Some other blog posts you may be interested in reading....

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The price of raising an allergic child 

Last year I learnt that despite the much effort I put into trying to make sure my food allergic child doesn't miss out on anything, guess what - he will miss out!!! The reality is we all miss out on things, that's life. As a mum of a child with so many food allergies, I can't wrap him in cotton wool, I can't protect him from the cruel taunts of other children (or adults), I can't ensure he won't be offered unsafe treats, I can't ensure that he won't miss out on food that other kids have..... but I CAN teach and educate him how to protect himself and keep himself safe. I can teach him that we all miss out on one thing or another at different stages of our lives. I can teach him about disappointment and how to overcome it. I can teach him about the real world and how to thrive in it....after all isn't that our ultimate goal?  

So, with 2013 behind us, I embrace 2014 with open arms looking forward to all it delivers. I have set myself some great challenges this year. I look forward to sharing them with you to help make life that bit easier.

Wishing the absolute best for you and your family this year, may it bring all the happiness, good health, prosperity and success that you hope for.

Sonya x

Please feel free to comment, I love your feedback....
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