Book Release - Thai's excting first week at school (plus Giveaway)

Thai's exciting first week of school

If you have an allergic child starting school you will love this book, it's the 3rd and latest book in a series of wonderful, educational children's books about allergies by the very clever folk at My Food Allergy Friends.
Thai prepares for the start of school.  This book is the latest by talented Aussie author Jackie Nevard. It is aimed at 4-7 year olds and their parents. It covers important events including...
  • an allergist appointment including a skin prick test
  • not sharing food and drinks at school
  • introduction of an Auto-Injector
  • the importance of having an action plan
  • symptoms of an allergic reaction
  • no one has to miss out due to their allergies
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Thanks to My Food Allergy Friends,  I am so pleased to be able to giveaway Jackie's 2 previous books - Thai goes to a Birthday Party and Thai's big adventure in the city
Thai Goes to a Birthday Party 
Dealing with Food Allergies! This is a must have resource! It's the first book in the series of children's books designed to help raise awareness of food allergies. A fun story, showing the practicalities of how to handle food allergies at birthday parties. To Purchase - Click Here

Thai's Big Adventure in the City
 Dealing with food Allergies! The 2nd book in a series, Thai has an adventure in the city, the book shows how to handle food allergies when you are away from home.
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These books are wonderful! They are bright and easy to read. They have fantastic, colourful illustrations, and the stories are simple and fun. Not only that, but most importantly they are educational - helping to raise awareness of severe allergies.
 All the books in the series follow a little boy, named Thai, through different life experiences all while managing his food allergies like a champion. The books portray food allergies in a simple language that can be understood by very young children and also older kids. At the end of each book, you will find parents guide on how to best use the books to help your children embrace their allergies.
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Winner will be announced on Monday, 20th January, 2014
 Giveaway now closed - Winner is Amy W. Congratulations Amy!!

All 3 books are now available at my store - To Purchase - Click Here

Other Allergy Resources
The best way to avoid an allergy emergency is through awareness!
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