Allergy Friendly Valentines Day

Are you a hopeless romantic? Or is Valentine's Day a Hallmark holiday to you? Regardless of  your thoughts, I write today to remind us all to appreciate our loved ones. Of course, in reality we need to be doing that all year round. When we are raising kids with severe allergies, it's so easy to neglect our special someone. We put so much time and energy into keeping our kids safe, and everything else that life requires, sometimes we neglect ourselves and our partner.

It's so important to keep a healthy balance. Our kids deserve to be raised in a happy, safe and loving home. So, I encourage you to make the effort to rekindle that passion, reconnect with your other half if you feel disconnected, and take the time to celebrate LOVE!!!!

So to help save you some time and head space, I've put a few yummy allergy friendly dessert ideas together and also some great gift ideas from my affiliate partners. You don't need to spend a fortune to make your partner feel special, loved and appreciated either. 

Gift Ideas 

For Her......
Okay husbands - hear this!! On February 14th, you have the chance to absolutely spoil your beautiful wife and mother of your children and show her how much she is appreciated. Being an allergy mum is a challenging journey and we are continually anxious, whether we show it or not. We never switch off from worrying about our kids - there is no down time. We spend so much of our time and energy focussed on keeping our kids safe and families happy and healthy, that we often neglect ourselves. So here's a few ideas for you to show your lady how much she is loved and appreciated   ........ and remember HAPPY WIFE~HAPPY LIFE!!!

Flowers - particularly ROSES!!!  Say it with flowers - Every woman loves receiving flowers.... and so do some men. Petals have many options for gorgeous flowers - worldwide delivery available too!

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Bubbles - Preservatives in regular wine can affect people with sensitivities, such as rashes, keeping you awake at night, etc. A solution could be preservative free or organic wine. If you love a bottle of bubbly but don't want the side effects of regular wine, why not treat you and your loved one a beautiful bottle of organic bubbles or some preservative free wine. Crackawines deliver for a really reasonable price too.

 To visit Crackawines - Click Here

Romantic night away - With Valentine's Day being a Friday this year, why not take advantage and organise a romantic weekend away. Stay in some of the best hotels in Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific while receiving a whole range of special member benefits and discounts including stay 2 nights for the price of 1, discounts on dining, breakfast discounts, advanced purchase discounts plus more.

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Like Chocolate for women...
Okay husbands - here is the ultimate gift to show your lady how much you love and appreciate everything she does for you and your family. This could well count towards year long brownie points. Like Chocolate for Women  have some fantastic products .....

The I am Woman Pack is the ultimate indulgence  - Click Here

They have a range of Valentine's Day Specials so you can save money too!! (gotta love women's logic).

Organic Skincare ... You really don't need to pay a fortune for good quality skincare. The Nourished Life have some great options to choose from.
To visit Nourished Life - Click Here

Fragrance... Regular perfumes are filled with awful toxic ingredients. They quite often make my heads spin when I stand near someone wearing strong perfume. I've recently discovered One Seed Fragrances with choices such as Hope, Courage, Devotion, Freedom, Grace or Slow Fire. The Organic Beauty Shop have a great gift pack - One Seed Fragrance Set  - which includes fragrance and body lotion. They have other fragrances and gift ideas Click Here for to view them

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For Him-

Men can be very hard to buy for. I've found a great website for you to take the guesswork out. It's called Dadshop. This website is great, really well set out so you can shop by occasion, personality type or budget. Heaps of ideas for the Superman in your life, check it out -  Click Here

Food ... the way to a man's heart they say. Here's a few allergy friendly and gluten free options for you

Chocolate Chia Pudding  - Delicious, healthy and easy to make!! This is an absolute favourite in our house, suitable for breakfast, after school snack or dessert. There are many variations - this is one of my versions with only 4 ingredients.

For the Recipe - Click Here

Easy Chocolate Coated Strawberries - Fill an ice tray with raw chocolate, put in strawberries, refrigerate until chocolate hardens.

How to make raw chocolate - This recipe is from my affiliate partner Coconut Magic

What you will need...
5 Tablespoons Raw Cacao powder
1 pinch natural sea salt
4-5 Tablespoons good quality raw coconut oil
3 Tablespoons raw local honey (immunity benefits)

What to do...
Combine all ingredients together in a bowl and put it into the fridge or freezer. The coconut oil with solidify. Healthy chocolate!! Pour into moulds or add whatever tickles your fancy. (more ideas in Allergy Friendly Easter eBook)

Coconut Magic have everything you need for delicious healthy raw chocolate making.
Make Chocolate not War Deluxe Pack - Click Here

You will find heaps more ideas and chocolate recipes in my recipes eBooks....

 Allergy Friendly Easter eBook
You'll find some delicious Gluten free and Allergy Friendly recipes in my Easter eBook including ....  Salted Caramel Cups, Chocolate Fudge Brownies, Chocolate Banofee Tart, Chocolate Coconut Balls, Choc Coconut Clusters plus heaps more. Check it out -  Click Here

Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook

This is a recipe eBook that is proving very popular. I wanted to make a book sharing some of our families favourite allergy friendly recipes with you. It contains some delicious food I'm sure you will love - all recipes are FREE from Gluten and the Top 8 allergy foods (Peanuts, Tree nuts, Wheat, Eggs, Dairy, Soy, Fish Shellfish).     More information - Click Here

Here's a few yummy sweet treats you might like to try for Valentine's Day....

Waffles - Most kids get to enjoy waffles and why not allergy kids also? So easy to make and enjoyed by the whole family.
Chocolate Caramel Slice - I just LOVE Chocolate Caramel Slice - It's an all-time favourite from childhood. Biscuit, caramel and chocolate combined in one mouthful...Yum!!! I didn't want to make this for the family and have my boy miss out, so I adapted my mums  recipe so it's allergy friendly. It does need to be kept in the fridge as it won't stand up in the heat. It's not the most healthy (contains sugar and golden syrup), still healthier than the original recipe though. I make it for special occasions and never lasts long.
Chocolate Mousse - I'm a huge fan of chocolate mousse! I didn't think it was fair that my boy miss out so I developed this melt in your mouth chocolate mousse recipe. Melt in your mouth chocolatey yumminess!
Chocolate Chia Mud cake - this is an absolutely gorgeous cake. Whenever I make this, it's a hit. I figure it's pretty good when people with no allergies or dietary restrictions ask for the recipe too!! It's healthier than you think too.

Choc Chunk Cookies - These delightful biscuits are a favourite in our house. I use the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chunks, but you could use any chocolate that is safe for you.

 All recipes are in my Allergy Friendly Home Cooking eBook - Click Here

More Valentine's Day Ideas - Click Here

For more cool ideas check out my Valentine's board on Pinterest - Click Here

So, I'd like to leave you with this image of genuine love.... some good wisdom for a happy healthy relationship I would reckon ... What do you think?

Sonya x

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